Planning and Strategy

I help your organization move forward with the best ideas of all involved. Planning is a powerful tool to get all stakeholders to the table, and increase their buy-in.

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Board Governance

Are expectations of the board clear? Explore good governance practices, better meeting preparation and facilitation, and strategies for a more effective Board of Directors.

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1-on-1 Executive Consulting

Have you ever wished you had someone you can talk to about sensitive issues? You do a lot for everyone else; do something for yourself and let me help get you on the right path.

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Is the organization you serve held back by…

Ineffective retreats and planning?
A board that is unclear about how to engage?
Executives who lack support and resources?

Let me help with:

  • Practical, focused Tools for better meetings and retreats
  • Inclusive Planning Methods to co-create the future of your organization
  • Answers to your questions about Board Roles and Responsibilities
  • Clear Focus on getting the outcomes you need from decision-makers
  • Neutral, outside perspective and Facilitation Skills to get the best out of board, staff and volunteers
  • Experienced Support for Executives to improve relationships with board, staff and community

Who I help…

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Boards of Directors
  • Executives and Leadership Teams
  • Foundations and Grantmakers
  • Public Agencies
  • Businesses and Entrepreneurs
  • Community Groups

Contact me for an initial conversation with no obligation – see my contact information below.

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