Ned has been a wise counselor and guide as the National Center for Appropriate Technology has reviewed our organizational structure and management roles. He is a perceptive listener and an excellent, gentle facilitator. Drawing upon decades of experience, his insights and advice have been invaluable as we move to implement a new strategic plan. Thanks Ned!

Steve Thompson, Executive Director, National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)

Leading a nonprofit presents both difficult challenges and incredible opportunities. Have you ever wished you had someone you can talk to about sensitive issues? You do a lot for everyone elseā€“do something for yourself and let my expert guidance get you on the right path. We will co-create a custom approach to your needs and regular times to talk by video conference or phone. I can help with:

  • Working with a board of directors
  • Getting the best out of your staff
  • Thinking through the “big questions”
  • Strategy and program development to deliver on the mission